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Dean and Sheri US Arabian Nationals

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Miki Nelson, Western States Horse Expo

Work with and learn from a team with nine decades of hands on experience in nearly every discipline and facet of horsemanship. Dean and Sheri have earned the respect of their peers as well as the highest accomplishments and recognition in the industry.

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 Kentucky Horse Park CDE Preliminary Champion
Tevis, Western States 100 mile Endurance Ride

Dean Lacey grew up with Arabian horses. His observation skills developed early and combined with his love and respect for the noble creatures allowed him to establish a timing for training rarely matched. Much has been said about “Horse Whisperers”… true horsemen who respect and understand the mind of the horse; they know horses want a leader they can trust and to be treated fairly and consistently. Dean embraces all equines; from quick reactive ponies to slower methodical mules and all the many personalities and breeds in between, he finds the way to communicate with them and considerately achieve what they can do well.
Dean loves sharing his talents. He is a generous, kind and patient teacher. His wealth of knowledge seems unlimited yet he continues to add to his “tool box’ with continuing education in multiple disciplines.

Sheri Lacey was born loving horses. She grew up in Pony Club where “The Horse comes First” became the essence of her character.
Her passion to always do the best for the horse combined with her innate curiosity has led her to continuing education in everything from advanced classes in Equine Reproduction at Colorado State University to working with Grand Prix Dressage Trainers…her focus is all about horses. Her quest to fill in all the blanks regarding equines makes her a forever student: of pedigrees, medical issues, all the competitive disciplines, virtually everything related to horses.
She is a very accomplished rider, trainer and horsewoman who happily shares her knowledge with those who share her passion… ”the Horse comes First”.






Our History

Influential Horses and People

The Lacey Arabian Ranch is dedicated to following a breeding program of special horses established by outstanding horsemen and women, breeders such as Lady Wentworth, Patricia Lindsay, John Rogers and Murrel Lacey.

Lacey’s is very fortunate to be part of carrying on the lines of some truly great horses: *Serafix and *Karadjordje+++ among others. One of Dean and Sheri’s greatest joys as breeders is the pride they feel in the foals born each year. These foals are special because of their superb balance, bone and substance. Their athletic ability and attentive “can-do” attitude have made champions many times over.
Success breeders recognize that they can cross any bloodlines on the strength of this foundation for a better result as evidenced that every National Show sees Top Tens from the Lacey breeding program.
Dean and Sheri expanded this breeding program in 2000 when they stood for stud a Friesian Stallion, Knight Invader. Vader was soon incorporated into the Lacey breeding program and bred to the Lacey broodmares creating half Arabians of extreme quality as evidenced by their success on a national level in both Breed and Open competition.

Serafix and Natez

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“Every time I come to Lacey’s I learn so much. Dean and Sheri have taken amazing care of me, they always have time for each of us. They can always make me smile and laugh. I’ve learned countless lessons. Dean and Sheri helped my horse and me go from zero to hero!” Emily McDowell



“My daughter goes to the Ranch every chance she gets. She soaks up all there is to learn and experience- from riding, working with the horses and just plain being with friends and doing chores. I’m so impressed by how much she has gained in knowledge and experience in working with horses. Sheri and Dean share their incredible wealth of knowledge and work with the girls on their individual needs. They are also such good people; genuine, hardworking and so fun! Sheri and Dean have created a place where the children can be challenged, make mistakes and learn from them while still smiling about it! My daughter’s confidence and sense of accomplishment have grown so much…priceless! I have such great respect for them; both in and out of the barn.” Laura McDowell



“Laceys Arabian Ranch is a magical place where kids and adults alike learn and grow. Dean and Sheri trained my horse and helped me rehab myself after a bad riding accident. In 6 months, our horse was trained, I was back in the saddle and they had turned my daughter into a competent little horse girl. 4 Years later, she goes up every chance she gets and always feels like she is going to her “other home”. High quality, tailored services, training and instruction that is hard to beat. Laceys has it all.” Sarah Cohen



“You can’t describe Laceys right because it is impossible to put it into words. I have learned so much from Dean and Sheri about horse care, safety and riding and driving. Before I came to Laceys at age nine, I had never even seen a buggy, but on my 10th birthday, Sheri had me driving the pony. I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Laceys for anything in the world.” Lianna Cohen



“Dean and Sheri are the best thing to happen to horses. Their treatment and care of the horse and rider are unsurpassed, you have the best in them.
We are comfortable to leave our horses here even though they are three hours away from our home. We don’t even bat an eye with worry as we know the Laceys will meet all the horses’ needs.
We started with the Lacey’s through Castlerock about five years ago and we have learned so much from them over time. Our preconceived ideas changed as we learned how it all connects and realizing we never really understood. We now understand how important horse handling is to riding. Psychology of how the horse perceives us and how we connect that to our riding. Now our horses do what they are asked to do… The horse gravitate to them.” Tony Moio and Laura Koenig



“The only place we would consider…knew she would receive the best care possible…empathetic to owners…”

Don and Susan Rodich

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