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Every horse in our care, regardless of their program, is seen daily. Owners and staff trained to recognize and address concerns requiring immediate attention are on the ranch 24/7.

All horses residing at LAR will be put on the Ranch’s HEALTH CARE PROGRAM. This is for the safety of all.

Horses are fed twice daily according to their needs to maintain optimal condition for the requirements of their individual program. Bedded stalls and unbedded paddocks are cleaned daily. Blanketing and turnout as required by the individual is included in stall and paddock board.

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“Their treatment and care of the horse and rider are unsurpassed, you have the best in them. We are comfortable to leave our horses here even though they are three hours away from our home…we know the Lacey’s will meet all the horses’ needs.”

Tony Moio and Laura Koenig


Our retired horses deserve the best and we respect the effort they have expended for us. LAR’s retirement plan is boarding with extra care for the old folks. It takes a bit longer to walk out to the pasture. Food may need to be handled differently. Medications to be given. We spend more time checking them out everyday. We consider being your horse’s retirement home to be an honor and a responsibility. We will be there for them and will help make their golden years comfortable and delightful.

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“The only place we would consider…knew she would receive the best care possible…empathetic to owners…”

Don and Susan Rodich


When our horses are injured or ill, after the veterinarian is finished with the immediate need, the second stage is rehabilitation.  The orders can be over whelming, time consuming and a schedule challenging to meet with your other obligations.  Also there is the worry you may miss something a more experienced eye would see.  We are here 24/7 to look after your horse.  Whether it is wound care requiring dressing changes, wrapping legs and hand walking, or multiple mini meals all day long, we have you covered.  Working with you, your vet and farrier, we individualize a plan to help your horse to regain optimum health.

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you through this difficult time. Call Dean 530-333-1097
Transportation can be arranged.

“Dedicated to horse care…Reliable, Dependable, Observant… owners can rest assured all their horse’s needs will be met, horses will be treated like their own…I never hesitate to refer them.”

Cory Soltau DVM



Boarding Services include Stall and Exercise, Single Paddock and Exercise, Pasture, Foal at side (Stall or pasture). All programs include feed daily. Horses requiring special feed and/ or supplements will be charged accordingly.
Health Care Program: All horses residing at LAR will be put on the Ranch’s Health program; annual 4 way shots, strangles, rabies shots, bi-annual flu and West Nile shots and worming every two months. This is not optional. Additional shots or worming by owner is optional. Program subject to change at any time.
Stall and Exercise: includes a bedded stall cleaned daily, light grooming, bridle path and muzzle clipping, blanketing* and turnout exercise.
Paddock and exercise: includes partially covered pipe paddock cleaned daily, light grooming, bridle path and muzzle clipping, blanketing* and turnout exercise.
Pasture: Pasture horses are checked daily and placed according to age, space availability and compatibility.
*Owner supplied blanket



Full Performance Training: Horses in this program are currently under saddle training and sessions may include ground driving and bitting rig work. Owners are responsible for damage their horses may cause to Laceys’ equipment.

Driving Training: Owners with horses in carriage training that cannot be accommodated by Laceys’ normal size harnesses or carriages will be expected to provide their own. Owners are responsible for damage their horses may cause to Laceys’ equipment.

Preliminary Training: Designed for horses not yet under saddle or in harness: horses learn to accept and respond to bitting rig, saddle, bridle and ground driving lines in preparation for full performance training.

Conditioning and Halter training: Halter training for show or sale. Show or sale horses may be taught to “stand up” and are conditioned on the lunge line. Conditioning is designed to gain or maintain condition for sale or otherwise. This program is also designed to introduce leading, tying, cross-tying and lunging to those horses not yet trained in preparation for preliminary and full performance training. Horses receive grooming bridle path clipping, lunging or supervised turnout. This program is mandatory for stallions 20 months and older.

Requirements for participating in lessons is found on our  Lessons page.

A 10% discount per month is available to horses who are maintained in a minimum of six months of Driving or Full Performance Training. If a discounted horse is removed from the Driving or Full Performance training before the sixth month all previous discounts become due and payable.

“No matter what crazy ideas I come up with; Ride the Tevis, Breed my mare, Show Dressage, Combined Driving Events, Dean and Sheri are there to train my horses as well as me… me being the bigger challenge!”

Harriet Merritt


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