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“Every time I come to Lacey’s I learn so much. Dean and Sheri have taken amazing care of me, they always have time for each of us. They can always make me smile and laugh. I’ve learned countless lessons. Dean and Sheri helped my horse and me go from zero to hero!”

Emily McDowell

Individualized Lessons available for people of all levels in English, Western, Equitation, Carriage Driving and Horse Care with emphasis on building confidence by safely developing compassionate responsibility while working toward long term goals and having FUN!

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“Laceys Arabian Ranch is a magical place where kids and adults alike learn and grow. Dean and Sheri trained my horse and helped me rehab myself after a bad riding accident. In 6 months, our horse was trained, I was back in the saddle and they had turned my daughter into a competent little horse girl. 4 Years later, she goes up every chance she gets and always feels like she is going to her “other home”. High quality, tailored services, training and instruction that is hard to beat. Laceys has it all.”

Sarah Cohen

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Group Lesson All About Horses Program

Requirements for participating in lessons at Lacey’s:
All persons having ANY contact with horses MUST fill out a Release form before any activities begin. Minors MUST have a responsible adult fill one out for them.

  • Wear appropriate clothes: Comfortable pants, not too tight or too baggy. Weather appropriate shirt or top. Hard soled shoes or boots with a heel. Sneakers will do in a pinch, but no sandals, flip flops or slippers. Female riders need to wear a sports bra or equivalent support. Lacey’s has some helmets on hand, but if you have your own riding helmet, please bring it. All minors MUST wear a helmet.
  • Arrive 20-30 minutes early for your appointment to prepare for the lesson. And leave plenty of time afterwards to walk around, visit with the horses, and watch the staff “do their stuff.”
  • Lacey’s Arabian Ranch is a working training, breeding and boarding facility. We will do everything in our power to run your lesson on time and to your satisfaction. However, things do happen and the safety of our guests and the welfare of our horses is of foremost importance. When situations requiring our attention do arise, we will do our best to take care of them and get back on schedule as quickly as possible. Bring your sense of adventure and, most importantly, your sense of humor. Horses are supposed to be fun!
  • If you are late for your lesson. Lacey’s Arabian Ranch reserves the right to reschedule your lesson for a different day. If you do not show up for a scheduled lesson or cancel at least 24 hours in advance you will be liable for that lesson and/or your coupon will be void.
  • Your lesson begins with the preparation and tacking of your horse. Lessons end with the care and untacking of your horse. Total time can run upwards of 90 minutes. Saddle time can be anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. It’s all part of riding.

Individual lessons and packages available

“You can’t describe Laceys right because it is impossible to put it into words. I have learned so much from Dean and Sheri about horse care, safety and riding and driving. Before I came to Laceys at age nine, I had never even seen a buggy, but on my 10th birthday, Sheri had me driving the pony. I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Laceys for anything in the world.”

Lianna Cohen

National Champion
Dean Coaching
Dean Coaching

All About Horses Program

Do you love horses? Whether you’ve had horses all your life or are just getting started, our ALL ABOUT HORSES PROGRAM will be a learning experience you’ll never forget. Riding skills, ground work, bits, medical emergencies are just some of the MUST KNOW information you will learn about working with, being around, riding, and caring for horses.

This program focuses on fundamentals and is designed for all ages and all levels. Our love of horses is something we want to share with others, and we are fortunate to have some beautiful horses on a beautiful ranch as a setting for this educational and inspirational experience. Three to six-day sessions will be filled with wonderful experiences in the world of horses. There is something to learn whether you’ve never been on a horse or are an experienced rider. All Day with meals included.
If you haven’t been to one of our sessions, treat yourself or your kids to a fun and educational experience. The experience is truly  “All About Horses.” We will help you explore any facet of the “Horse World” that we can. From Dressage to Trail & Pleasure and from Show Ring Presentation to Carriage Driving, if we can do it, so can you!
Signing up:  Last year we converted to an “Open Enrollment’ method for session sign-up to replace the set dates system we previously used. Call us to sign up as an individual or create your own group and sign up as a group.  A session can range from a single day up to 6 consecutive days. A session is best with at least 3 participants and can have as many as 8 participants.
Session: Participants check in at the ranch the afternoon before the first day of the session and must be picked up by 3:00 p.m. on the last day of the session. A saddle horse is provided for each participant or you may bring your own horse (board included). If needed, hauling can be arranged at an additional cost.

What to bring (*) items are MUST HAVES:

• Clothing: Helmet*, hard-soled riding boots or riding shoes*, riding pants, half-chaps, gloves (if desired) tee-shirt, jacket, shorts, baseball cap or hat. You’ll want clothes that you can use to dress in layers as mornings can be quite cold and afternoons much warmer.  Activities can include water, so a full change of clothes is suggested.

•  Sunblock, bug spray, sunglasses.
• Your own saddle and tack, if you have it.
Don’t hesitate to Call Dean 530-333-1097 with questions or for advice about what to bring with you.

• 1 day — $200.00
• 2 days — $300.00 ($150 per day)
• 3 days — $450.00 ($150 per day)
• 4 days — $500.00 ($125 per day)
• 5 days — $625.00 ($125 per day)
• 6 days — $750.00 ($125 per day)

Trail Ride
Learn to Handle Foals

Come join the fun!

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