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Boarding services per month:
Stall and Exercise $540
Single paddock $365
Pasture $300
Foal at side (Stall) $165
Foal at side (pasture) $140

Retirement & Lay-up pricing to be determined based on the individual need.

Supplements and special feeds additional or provided by owner


Training services per month (includes board):
Driving training (stall) $960
Driving training (Paddock) $820
Full training (Stall) $900
Full training (Paddock) $755
Preliminary Training (Stall) $800
Preliminary Training (Paddock) $650
Conditioning & Halter training (Stall) $700
Conditioning & Halter training (Paddock) $540


LAR Boarder per lesson $50
5 Lesson Single Rider/Driver Package $200

Public per lesson $60
5 Lesson Single Rider/Driver Package $240


Foaling Fee: $450
($50.00 deduction if Mare is in foal to an LAR owned Stallion)

Photography and Video Preparation:
Horse Preparation: $100
Stand up or attend $75

Hauling $1.40 per mile
Empty trailer $.70 per mile
Stand by time $75.00 per hour
(first 30 minutes included in haul)

Other Services:
Evaluation Visit $75.00/ hour plus expenses or $500/day
Seller’s Agent Fee 15% of sale price on first $5000
10% of sale price above $5000
Finder’s Fee 5%


Lacey’s Arabian Ranch Policies


All Charges are due and payable by the 7th of the month
A late fee will be charged as follows:
$10.00 after the 7th
$20.00 after the 15th
$30 after the 30th
Any discounts will be forfeited

A 2% discount per horse will be given for 2 to 5 horses in the same ownership with on time payment.
A returned check will result in a charge of three (3) times the amount of the check or $100 whichever is greater.
On all accounts over 45 days past due, Lacey’s Arabian Ranch reserves the right to move the horse to the lowest cost maintenance program and begin legal proceedings to sell the horse and collect the board.

Horses in training to be shown by appointment only.

Stallions to be maintained in the program according to their age.

Amateur horses to be shown from LAR that are not maintained in Full Performance Training will be on approval only.

Please Note: Veterinary, Farrier and any other out of pocket expenses are additional and will be billed directly to the owner from the vendor.


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