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Laceys Arabian Ranch

Arabian and Half Arabian Sport Horses

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Horse Care and their Comfort is our #1 Priority

People Enjoying Horses is our #1 Goal


Better understanding develops confidence resulting in success and FUN!

Horse retirement and Lay-up

Horse Retirement

Individualized “out to pasture” care to keep your horse comfortable, happy and safe.



Communication: You to your horse and your horse to you… teaching you how is our specialty

Breeding and Horse Sales

Breeding and Sales

Beautiful, intelligent athletic partners for enthusiastic horse lovers.



Stalls, Paddocks, Pastures.  The perfect fit for your horse and budget.  Indoor and Outdoor arenas

Horse Camp

All about Horses
An unforgettable learning experience for everyone! Adults welcome!

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“My daughter goes to the Ranch every chance she gets… I’m so impressed by how much she has gained … experience in working with horses. Sheri and Dean share their incredible wealth of knowledge and work with the girls on their individual needs…(They) have created a place where the children can be challenged, make mistakes and learn from them while still smiling about it! My daughter’s confidence and sense of accomplishment have grown so much…priceless! ”

Laura McDowell

“No one else would I trust to care for the surrogate mares carrying the precious offspring of my mare.”

Linda Von Rotz Horse Owner, Breeder

“All Horses and All FUN! Laceys are horse people for lay people”

Allana Hanmore, Student, Horse owner

Dean Lacey driving

“The Box of Chocolates”

Cameo LR, Debutant LR,

Andromeda LR and Prada LR

with Sheri Lacey and Harriet Merritt navigating at

Shady Oaks Combined Driving Event, 2014

Intermediate National Champions

Come join the fun!

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5200 Andy Wolf Rd. Garden Valley, CA 95633

Where long lasting friendships combine with top quality horses